8 Best Running Shoes for Bunions

These running shoes for women have great reviews, including positive reviews from women with bunions. These best running shoes will keep you going!

Features to Look For in a Running Shoe if You Have Bunions

Runners, both men and women, are passionate about their sport. That passion should go hand in hand with buying the best running shoes a person can possibly afford.

If you wear low-quality, cheap shoes while engaging in high impact activities, you are asking for serious problems. If you already have foot problems, such as bunions or over pronation, you definitely need to be careful when you buy running shoes because second-rate shoes will be hell on your feet.

Of course, any shoe you wear needs to have plenty of room for your toes if you have a bunion on the side of your foot. This is especially true if you are buying shoes you plan to wear running.  Without lots of room for toes, your bunion will no doubt get worse, and get worse fast.  Actually, all your toes need room to spread out as needed. And to avoid irritating the bony bump that is the bunion, look for shoes with uppers designed with flexible, breathable material such as mesh or some other soft fabric. The material should stretch in the area over the bunion. This eliminates plastic or anything else that is stiff and unyielding.

Besides a roomy toe box designed with stretchy, flexible material, you also need a shoe with good depth if you have a bunion. Deep shoes provide more flexibility. Another point to consider is that shoes that are shallow in the forefoot do not allow for enough room for the deformity of the first MTP joint (the metatarsophalangeal joint). This can lead to discomfort when running.

To emphasize these points, the best running shoes for bunions are shoes with good depth and a roomy, wide toe box covered with flexible, soft material.

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