Bunion Corrector Reviews

Dr. JK ToePals Kit with Bunion Corrector

The best bunion relief treatment is yours with the Dr.JK ToePals Kit. Along with a pair of bunion correctors, you receive a pair of gel toe separators, and one toe strap for exercising your big toe muscles. bunion splints

So, you get all five of these items for the usual price of just one bunion corrector. No wonder this is a bestseller bunion product!

The correctors are made of a lightweight fabric and have velcro straps, plus hinges that allow for the natural flexing of the big toe so you can walk in them if you need to. Don’t expect them to be comfortable for walking; however, most reviewers say these splints feel just fine in bed. The main thing is that the splints do a good job of reducing bunions and relieving pain, sometimes very quickly. Most reviewers are pleased with the how much these Dr.JK bunion correctors have helped their feet.

If you have slippers that are very wide, you can wear one of these correctors (or both) with the slippers. The main convenience of a hinged splint comes during the night if you need to get up for some reason. You won’t have to take off a splint that has a hinge.

Neo G Bunion Corrector

Here is a bunion corrector is classified as Class 1 medical device. The Neo G Bunion Corrector is made almost entirely of a soft fabric except for the actual splint part that is made of metal. Neo G Medical Grade Soft Bunion CorrectorThe metal piece is mallable so you can bend it yourself for an exact fit on your toe.

Plenty of positive reviews indicate that this splint is doing a great job for a lot of women with bunions.

You can also walk around your house while wearing this splint, but given the fabric across the top of the foot, you should not expect to wear this brace with shoes, unless they are extra roomy house slippers.  Some users describe pulling a sock over the brace when they have it on and want to walk around.

Bunion pain relief is the objective of wearing a bunion splint, and this one is providing that relief for most of the reviewers who have worn it. Give this soft splint a try and see if it works as well for you.

Valguloc Bunion Splint

Next, take a look at another bunion night splint, that’s made in Germany, by Bauerfeind, a leading medical aids company specializing in braces for the ankle, foot, elbow, and knee.Valguloc Bunion Splint ValguLoc is a registered trademark for this outstanding bunion device designed to be anatomically contoured for your foot.

The simple construction of this nighttime bunion regulator means that it is very easy to use, always a big plus for any health care product. (You know that you will use a foot care product more regularly when it is easy to put on and take off.)

The continuous adjustable correction tape allows the position of the big toe to be regulated by pressure and counter pressure, which will reduce your bunion discomfort, possibly in a very short time. Another feature you will surely appreciate is that the innovative half-shell construction offers protection if your foot is bumped, always a very painful occurrence if you have a bunion. The inside of this bunion brace has wonderful soft foam cushioning for your added bunion relief. You’ll find the protection offered by this cushioning to really make your foot feel pampered. This is very likely the most comfortable bunion brace on the market.

If you are sensitive to latex, you’ll be glad to know that this is a latex-free product. Also, the foam material used in the cushioning is hypoallergenic.

Three sizes are currently offered for both the right and left foot.

Please note that this bunion product from Bauerfeind can also be used for post-operative treatment if you have had bunion foot surgery. Talk to your doctor about this option.

Bunion Aid Splint

Bunion Aid Bunion SplintThe Bunion Aid splint is made in Germany with patented German technology.

This splint is also designed with a hinge that makes it flexible, so you can wear it while walking around your house if you want to. Since it will fit into many styles of wide shoes, you can even wear it away from home. Or, you can just use it at night in bed.

Many women who have ordered and worn this splint say that it’s surprisingly comfortable, even while walking. Some even say that don’t really notice it and forget they have it on! A good number of reviewers report being able to wear this German bunion splint in wide shoes, and not just in slippers.

The reviews also reveal that an impressive number of women have experienced quick relief from pain after wearing this splint for only a short time. Some have had good results after just a few days; many after just a week.

A convenient one size fits most left or right feet. The cloth parts are washable.

To extend the life of this bunion product, you have the option of ordering replacement parts for the splint.  This order consists of a metatarsal pad, toe straps and a foam cushion.  If you think you will need to periodically wear your splint for extended periods of time, eventually you will probably want to order these extra pieces for your splint.

 Are Bunions Splints Effective?

If you suffer from bunions, you are likely to wonder if bunion correctors or splints are effective. As with any health care product, you have to try it to see how quickly you adjust to wearing it and how much it helps you.

A high-quality splint works by strapping your big toe into the proper position, and gently stretching your tendons and muscles, thus reducing your bunion, and therefore, your pain.  How long this process will take for you cannot be honestly predicted. But this kind of bunion treatment makes an enormous difference in reducing foot pain for many people. Don’t hesitate to wear a toe corrector if you have serious  pain that you cannot manage with bunion guards or other bunion aids.

To see before and after x-rays, see this page Do Bunion Splints Work?

Although, of course, every person is different, some users report that their bunion pain was significantly reduced after just one night or day of wearing a corrector. This is really remarkable, wouldn’t you say? In fact, after using such a device for a few weeks, there are people who even reconsider the bunion surgery they had thought was inevitable.  Often a podiatrist will suggest you try a this kind of product before you and he make a final decision about foot surgery. Please keep in mind, however, that only your doctor can give you an expert opinion as to whether or not you still need the surgery for bunion removal.

If you are debating about whether to  try a hinged bunion splint – either one that you can wear in bed or during the day or a bunion night splint – consider the minor cost and the effort it will take to try one as compared to the effort to undergo foot surgery.  Although bunion surgery (also known as a bunionectomy) is usually an out-patient procedure lasting only about an hour, as with any surgery, risks are involved. Plus, there’s the issue of whether your insurance will pay for the full cost. Another major factor that can put trying a bunion splint in perspective is the period of time required for recovery from foot surgery.  These are all good reasons to try a splint for your bunion. Only then can you make a judgement about the effectiveness of the product and the condition of your own feet.

In the event wearing a corrector does not provide you with the relief you need,  a bunionectomy is definitely your next option.  However, keep in mind that giving one a try is the best possibility of serious relief from bunion pain, and the best possibility of avoiding the surgery for bunion removal.  Many people of all stages of bunion development have had great success with these products. Hopefully, you will, too!

Please check the links on the side for other products you may want to try for help with bunion pain. Also, you can read about natural anti-inflammatory pain relief on the page about home remedies for bunions.

Do yourself a big favor and try a bunion splint before you decide on foot surgery!

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