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Pedifix Bunion Guards

If foot pain caused by a bunion has become an issue in your life, then you need a bunion padto wear inside your shoes. Whether you call these bunion pads, bunion guards, or bunion cushions, they are essential for pain relief.

The PediFix bunion guards shown in these two photos are high quality bunion products made from a soft gel. Pedifix makes the most popular guards or pads for bunions because they release soothing mineral oil onto the sore areas of your foot. Doesn’t that sound comforting? It also releases Vitamin E, which known for its many healing properties where skin care is concerned.

"Little Toe Bunion Guard"

Bunion Guard for Pinky Toe Bunion

Bunion guards or bunion cushions are very popular and widely used; many women would not put on shoes without them! Given the low cost of a package of these gel guards, you can keep several packages on hand. Keeping a package in your purse for times when your foot starts hurting is a good idea. Your day may start off with your feet feeling just fine, but after a few hours of standing or walking, it might be a different story. Always be prepared.

A bunion pad provides a protective cushion between your feet and and your shoe, thus relieving the painful pressure and friction that happens when your foot rubs against your shoe as you stand or walk.

Another good thing is that the  painful part of your foot is protected from further harm. You need to be careful to not aggravate the sore area, which will make matters worse, and intensity your pain.

Guard or cushions for bunions are cost very little (especially at current prices), are super easy to apply, and can be worn all day with no problem. This is a fast solution which may make a big difference for you when you wear shoes and go walking, especially if your bump is in the early stages of development and is still really small.

One reviewer said this PediFix product was all she needed to return to her 4-mile walks, and to do so without pain. Of course, how effective this guard will be for you depends on the size of your painful bump. But it does conform to your foot with its thin construction, so you know it will be comfortable to wear.

Don’t have this particular problem, but have a blister instead?  Try these guards with their soothing mineral oil on a blister and see how it works. This advice is from a reviewer who did just that and was happy with the result.

This guard fits most big toes and is washable, so you can use it over and over again if you want to.  However, you need to be be sure and  let it dry completely before re-use.  This is another good reason to buy more than one package, so you have extras on hand.

If the gel becomes sticky after washing, just sprinkle a little talcom powder on the gel, and it will be like new.

An added benefit of the Pedifix guard that you will appreciate is that it is transparent, so it doesn’t show when you are wearing it – a big plus when you are wearing sandals in the summer or other shoes that are open around the toe area.

This is a great product every woman who has bunions should have.  If you just think you might be developing a bunion, have a package or two of these Pedifix guards on hand just in case is a smart idea.

Amazon has now added this product to their Subscribe and Save program, so staying supplied is easier than ever.

You might also hear this bunion called by the French-sounding word “bunionette.”  The package calls this product “little toe bunion guard.”

This excellent bunion product has the same wonderful features as the guard discussed above for the big toe. It fits comfortably into most shoes, and can washed and used for many months.  However, having extras on hand is wise, since you need to let it dry completely between washings.

You can just look at the photo and imagine how good the guard with its mineral oil and vitamin E feels on your little toe as it protects the side of your foot.

A bunionette is a bump on the side of your little toe, and is much less common than the usual bunions on the big toe, but can be just as uncomfortable.  If you little toe has been squeezed into pointy shoes for a long time, then a bunionette may be the result.  A bunionette can make wearing shoes painful and turn walking into something you try to avoid.

To read more detailed information about a bunionette, click here.

Whether your bunion is on your big toe or little toe, give yourself some relief from your discomfort by wearing a PediFix bunion guard.

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