Bunion Pain Relief Without Surgery

Treating your Bunion at Home

Bunion treatment at home can be very effective. The bunion products described below have an impressive record of helping people attain significant pain relief.

Depending on the severity of your bunion, using one of these products consistently may keep you out of the operating room.

Bunion Aid Bunion Splint

flexible bunion splint

Bunion Splint
by Alpha Orthotics

A bunion splint works by gentle stretching to correct the position of your big toe.

The Bunion Aid bunion splint featured here is the Alpha Orthotics hinged bunion splint made in Germany.  There’s a newer hinged bunion splint that looks very similar and is much cheaper, but I’m focusing on the one designed with patented German technology.

The advantage of a hinge is that it enables you to walk while you have it on. While that may not sound like something you want to do all the time, the fact is that the more you wear a splint, the faster it can correct the alignment of your big toe and reduce your bunion.

Many reviewers remark on how comfortable they are wearing this lightweight, flexible bunion splint. You can wear it barefoot around your house or covered with a sock, or in wide shoes like crocs.

The one splint that comes with your order can be worn on the right or left foot, and is adjustable so you can get the best fit.

Another advantage to being able to walk in a splint is that you don’t have to take it off during the night if you have to get up out of bed. So, this splint is great for both day and night.

Nighttime Bunion Regulator

Pedifix Bunion RegulatorIf you are sure you will really just wear a bunion splint when you are completely off your feet, then try a bunion night splint, also called a regulator.

This nighttime bunion regulator comes in different sizes for the right and left foot,  is described by many users as soft and comfortable. The velcro strap is adjustable. Before wearing it all night long, you should use it first for no more than 30 minutes a time while the muscles in your toe adjust to being stretched.

As pointed out on the package, this splint is not designed to be worn while walking.

Toe Separators | Toe Stretchers

ice blue YogaToes Gems

YogaToes Gems

A new footcare product soaring in popularity is YogaToes Gems. Made of 100% medical grade gel, these “gems” easily slip on your feet and right away begin to stretch and exercise your toe muscles. They fit right underneath as well as between your toes for maximum benefit for all kinds of foot problems, including bunion pain. This is a great product for hammertoes and claw toes.

In the beginning, expect the toe stretching and exercising to be uncomfortable as your muscles adjust to what’s going on. YogaToes recommends starting with ten to fifteen minutes a day and slowly building up to an hour. However, some women report that fifteen minutes a day is all they need to have happier, healthier feet.

This is another bunion product designed only for wearing when you are off your feet.

Bunion Guards

Gel Bunion Guard

Pedifix Bunion Guard

Wearing a bunion guard or pad when you wear your shoes protects the sensitive skin on your bunion and helps prevent further irritation. So, even though pads and guards only provide temporary pain relief, they’re an important part of treating a bunion.

The gel in these gel bunion pads releases mineral oil and vitamin E to sooth your tender skin. They fit comfortably in all shoes and are washable and long lasting.

Conclusion – Bunion Pain Relief

The first three products described above – the hinged bunion splint, bunion nighttime regulator, and the toe separator/stretcher from YogaToes – are ones that provide serious pain relief for many women – and men – who suffer from bunions. This is because they’re designed to straighten the big toe, so it will be aligned the way it’s supposed to be.

If your bunion has progressed from being just a little bump to something bigger and more painful, these types of products are your best bet for treating your bunion without surgery.

Naturally, results from splints, regulators, and toe stretchers vary from person to person. Your foot doctor is the best person to advise you about your treatment and what you really need.

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