Bunion Regulator | Night Splint for Big Toe

"Foot Smart regulator"

Bunion Regulator by Foot Smart

FootSmart Regulator

Nighttime bunion pain relief can be yours when you wear the FootSmart regulator shown in the first photo.

A regulator is a rigid bunion brace that works like a splint to stretch your toe muscles and hold your big toe in its proper position.

The two bunion regulators shown on this page  are only for nighttime use or anytime you are in bed off your feet; they are not designed to walk around in or to be worn in shoes.  This device may also be called a bunion night splint.

If you want a bunion splint that can be worn while walking in shoes, please click here.

The effectiveness of this foot care product from FootSmart can be measured by honest customer reviews of the many people who have used it.  The mostly positive reviews of this low cost bunion regulator have made it a bestseller among home health care products on Amazon.

One reviewer even said that after suffering from bunion pain for 22 years, her pain was reduced after only wearing this simple device for one night. Then, by the time a week had gone by, her pain was completely gone!  That’s quite a testimony. Of course, not everyone has such dramatic results, but maybe you will be one of the lucky ones!

The few negative comments on Amazon mainly focus on the plastic that some people find to be scratchy or uncomfortable. However, most reviews say this bunion night splint is well made, and, while it may take some getting used to for some people, (anything new takes some getting used to, right?) it is well worth it for the quick and consistent relief of bunion pain.

Perhaps you would be one of the lucky ones who experience bunion pain relief in the morning after wearing this regulator for just a couple of nights. That would be a great thing to get used to, don’t you agree? Even better, perhaps this product will work so well for you that you can avoid bunion surgery. Several reviewers said they are putting off the surgery since they are getting so much help from this brace.  Any product that may help you avoid surgery is definitely worth trying.

A beneficial and convenient feature of this bunion brace is that the blue and white straps are adjustable with hook and loop closures, so you can vary the amount of stretch according to your needs as your big toe becomes more straight.  Not all bunion devices offer the ability to adjust the material that goes over the bunion area, so this is a real plus with this product.

As of this writing (August 8, 2014), this popular bunion aid product has 48 “5-star” and 36″ 4-star” reviews. No other product described as a regulator for bunions has this many positive reviews.

Different size and price options for men and women are available when you order, so you can be assured of the best fit possible.

"Pedifix regulator"

Pedifix Nighttime Bunion Regulator

Pedifix Nighttime Regulator

Another option for bunion relief is the PediFix Nightime Bunion Regulator shown in the next photo. This regulator cost a few dollars less than the one by FootSmart, the reason being that you cannot adjust it as much as you can the other one. However, the plastic in the product is described as stronger than the plastic in the FootSmart product. So, it is definitely durable. One person in the reviews said she had been using hers for a whole year and was completely satisfied.

Please note, though, that there is nothing in the description about this non-sterile regulator being washable. There is instead a warning to not use on broken or tender skin. One user said that she wears toe socks with it just to make it more comfortable.

In spite of these concerns, this regulator also has almost as many four and five star reviews as the FootSmart product, with satisfied users writing about how much it has helped straighten their big toe and relieve their pain. Of course, that’s the most important thing to be concerned about. So, you have to decide yourself which one is the best for you to buy. For a regulator that is more advanced than the two above, (and, consequently, more expensive), read next about the one made in Germany.

Please be aware that if you have diabetes or poor circulation, you should consult your doctor for guidance before you buy one of these products, as nighttime bunion regulators or night splints are unfortunately not usually recommended in these cases.

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