Bunion Shoes

Women with foot problems, whether bunions or plantar fasciitis, etc, need shoes that are comfortable and supportive when worn for long periods of time.

If you need shoes like this, look at these selections. All have mostly positive reviews  desribing how comfortable the shoes are, even with a bunion.  Many comments also said the shoes could be worn for hours without making their feet hurt.

Also, check out these Aravon Shoes. Although Aravon shoes are a bit pricey, they are all made of fine soft leather and truly pamper your feet.

If you have a bunion, you have to be careful about what shoes you wear so that you aggravate this painful foot problem. Shoes that create too much gravity on the forefoot, which happens with 3″ high heels, are just plain bad for your feet and dangerous if you have a bunion. Most shoes that high also come with pointy toes, which are also bad.

Your bunion my be very small and not usually cause you any serious pain, but wearing high heels with pointy toes is taking a big risk. Your big toe joint will just get pushed more out of place, and in the morning you are likely to be in pain.

All women want to wear beautiful, fashionable shoes. At least among some young women I know, comfort is definitely a secondary concern. Wearing a cute, sexy shoe is more important than wearing one that is supportive of the foot.

But our feet carry all the burden of our weight whenever we are standing up, walking, or dancing. If we push our feet into shoes that squish our toes and even though our backs out of alignment, then we will eventually pay for it.

All the bunion shoes chosen to be on this site were carefully selected for comfort first, then style second. When pouring over the shoes on Amazon, I saw some shoes that I knew would feel wonderful, but if I thought they were just plain ugly, I did not include them on this site.

So, I hope you enjoy shopping for women’s bunion shoes on this site. I’m sure your feet will appreciate wearing any of these shoes!

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