Bunion Sleeves

bunion bootie without toe holeBunion sleeves provide relief from pain when you walk by protecting your bunion from your shoe.They differ from simple pads by covering more of the foot for extra stability and comfort. The ones shown here have the best reviews.

The original Bunion Bootie is a sleeve make of ulta-thin fabric that stretches around your big toe and then goes around your heel. The new design doesn’t have a hole at the big toe, so it stays more securely in place.

Very discreet and comfortable, the original Bunion Bootie can be worn comfortably with almost any shoes. Or you can wear it barefoot around your house or in bed at night for bunion relief.

bunion sleeve with euronatural gel
Another great bunion sleeve that has great reviews is the Bunion Protector and Detox Sleeve with EuroNatural Gel. This bunion product, which is also listed as a bunion pad, is described as soft, silky, stretchy, and with the perfect amount of padding over the bunion area. The padding contains the “detox” gel.

Users say it’s easy to wear with all kinds of shoes because the padding does not create too much bulk, nor does the sleeve slip around on your foot or bunch up. It’s very thin, but stays in place. And it does a good job of relieving foot pain from a bunion.

Dr. Frederick gel pad bunion sleevesDr. Frederick’s Original Gel Pad Bunion Sleeves (2 Bunion Booties with Gel)

This order from Dr. Frederick contains 2 bunion sleeves, which they also call bunion booties. Your can order them in small/medium or medium/large.

The padded part contains a soothing gel and is positioned right over the 1st MTP joint, which is the site of the development of your big toe bunion, and where your foot pain comes from.

The manufacturer suggests wearing these over snug fitting socks to keep them properly positioned.

While bunion products such as sleeves, pads, and cushions, make it possible for many men and women with bunions to walk without foot pain, no one should expect them to actually realign the big toe and make the bunion go away. A thin fabric is just not going to have that kind of effect. The only possible non-surgical way to get that result is with a good quality bunion splint. However, the use of bunion sleeves, etc., may be all one needs for effective bunion treatment.

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