Toe Spacers for Bunions | Correct Toes

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People with foot problems will be glad to know about a toe spacing product that actually aligns your toes called Correct Toes.

Correct Toes are unique. They are similar to YogaToes, but are designed to be worn inside shoes. Some people wear them several hours a day, or even all the time.

Designed by a podiatrist who is also a specialist is physiology, Correct Toes align your toes according to the natural anatomy of your foot. This alignment takes place while you are going about your day, no matter what you are doing. Your activity can range from running to doing yoga poses, and still you can wear Correct Toes.

Women with bunions facing bunion surgery or men who run and just have sore feet at the end of the day are finding Correct Toes to be the answer to their foot issues. People with plantar fasciitis also are getting great results with this footcare product.

It is true that Correct Toes is the most expensive toe spacer product on the market, but if your alternative is foot surgery or a life with foot pain, then the dollar amount will maybe seem like a small risk. If for some reason they don’t work for you, you know you can return them. But reading the reviews is likely to convince you to at least give them a try.

If you don’t want to wear these toe spacers in your shoes (although they are designed to be comfortable in shoes that are roomy is the toe area), you can wear them at night in bed as you would a splint for bunions or plantar fasciitis. Or just wear them around your house barefoot.

Naturally, the more you wear them, the quicker your results will be.

Correct Toes is made of medical grade silicone. An order includes two devices, one for each foot. They can be ordered in small, medium, or large.

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