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Home Remedies for
Natural Healing

Home remedies for bunion pain are helpful to know about if you are interested in natural healing.  While only foot surgery can actually remove a bunion, relief from pain can be accomplished at home in a variety of ways. Of course, the easiest thing you can do at home is soak your feet in Epsom salts.  This is a time-honored method of relieving any kind of foot pain or for just making your feet feel better at the end of a long day.

Another old-time remedy is to apply a compress of warm castor oil to your bunion.  You can make your compress with cheesecloth soaked in gently warmed castor oil or use any clean, thin cotton cloth.  Another idea is to put castor oil on the inside of a band-aid and keep the band-aid on over your bunion all the time. You would want to put on a new band-aid each day. Hopefully, if you keep this up for several weeks, the pain relief effect will be long-lasting. Castor oil has many properties that have made it a mainstay of  natural healing for thousands of years, so do give it a try.

Another natural substance which has a long history for its medicinal properties is the spice tumeric.  Tumeric is valued specifically for cleansing the liver and also as a natural pain killer, due to its anti-inflammatory properties. A high quality tumeric supplement is Source Naturals Turmeric Extract. One reviewer said this supplement really helped her with her pain from bone spurs. (The preceding link will take you to an excellent offer for two packages at a significantly reduced price.) Please note that tumeric should not be taken if you have any kind of bleeding disorder.

One more totally natural remedy for relieving bunion pain involves the element capsicum, which is found in hot red peppers. Capsicum is another remarkable gift from nature for relieving inflammation.

Generally, people use capsicum in the form of topical creams, especially for arthritis pain, and report impressive results. Check out the reviews for this cream with capsicum, menthol, and aloe vera, Dr. Wolfe’s OTC Pain Relieving Cream.

However, if you are adventurous, you can apply a cut hot red pepper directly to your bunion. But please be careful! Expect an initial burning sensation. Wash your hands well afterward, certainly before you touch your face. You don’t want the capsicum near your eyes! These same warnings apply to a lesser degree when using the creams, which, nevertheless many people say are the best ever for relieving pain. The link above takes you to a cream that seems to have the most natural ingredients.

The  products listed to the side under “Bunion Treatment” are all non-surgical methods of obtaining relief from bunion pain. You won’t find these products in your kitchen, but any bunion sufferer should be aware of everything on the market for treating bunions.

An important point that should be made in any discussion about bunions is that no home remedy or bunion product is going to do you much good if you wear shoes that are too tight. If your shoes create continual pressure on the front of your foot and your toes, you need different shoes! Bunions are a progressive deformity, but we can slow down their development by eliminating as much pressure on our feet as possible.

I’ll keep looking for more home remedies for bunions to add to this article.

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