Toe Separators for Bunions

An easy way to relieve some of the pain of a bunion is to use toe separators or spacers, which reduce pressure on the metasarsal joints.

Gel Toe Spacers

The most popular product like this is PediFix Visco GEL Toe Spacers. These toe spacers are made of a proprietary visco-gel that pampers the surface of your skin with soothing mineral oil.

Several reviewers remark on how comfortable these PediFix Visco GEL Toe Spacers are no matter what kind of shoes they are wearing. Even when standing for long periods or engaging in sports activities, these toe spacers for bunions are soft, flexible, and easy to wear.

These spacers for toes have also been used successfully by people with overlapping toes, a common deformity of the forefoot that is possibly related to bunion development.

Foam Toe Separators

"Pedifix toe separators for bunion pain relief"

Foam Toe Separators

These foam toe separators from Pedifix are made of three layers of a soft polyfoam that is durable and strong, yet at the same time soft, gentle, and comfortable.

This unique design of three layers of foam means that this Pedifix product does a great job of keeping your toes separated and straight.

You can wash and reuse these foam toe separators for as long as six months, and they will still hold their shape and work for you.

Toe Separators and Toe Spacers for Bunion Pain Relief

A toe separator inserted between the big toe and the one adjacent to it will provide some help in straightening the big toe and forcing it into a more natural position.

The most advanced (and the most expensive!) of the toe spacer products is Correct Toes.

Reducing the pressure even a little will provide some relief for your bunion pain. These toe spacers are also helpful in relieving the pinching and cramping due to corns between the toes. They can also help with blisters, or the neuroma you might have between your toes.

You can see that these toe spacers are a good product to have on hand for several issues related to foot health.

Keep extra packages on hand so you are prepared for any kind of foot discomfort.

While toe spacers do not make a bunion go away (bunion splints are best for reducing a bunion, short of surgery), many people find that they are very effective in reducing pressure and bunion pain, and thus increasing their comfort level when wearing shoes and walking.  Since these are so inexpensive, you can afford to give them a try and see how they work for you. Hopefully, you will have good results.

When shopping for toe separators or spacers, keep in mind that some brands are made in small, medium, and large sizes, and some are designed to be one size fits all. Gel and foam are the most common materials in the high quality toe separators that are on the market today. These are the materials used in the products reviewed on this page. Be sure and read the descriptions on a package before you purchase so you are clear as to what kind you are buying.

So, here in this article two kinds of toe spacers have been reviewed, one kind made of gel, and one kind made of foam. Some people prefer the gel toe spreaders over the foam toe separators. Both are high quality foot care products for anyone suffering from bunion pain. Since both products shown on this page are so inexpensive, you may want to order both and see which separators for bunions you like the most. Or, you may decide to alternate the kind you use.

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