Bunion Correction Without Surgery

Effective Bunion Treatment

Every option of bunion self treatment should be tried before resorting to surgery on your foot. The Bunion Aid Hinged Splint and Correctoes appear to be the best products for bunion correction that go beyond temporary pain relief.

Several splints for bunions are on the market, but the one with the most positive reviews is the Bunion Aid Hinged Splint. Reviewers say this flexible splint is comfortable and easy to sleep in. The hinge offers the convenience of being able to walk while you have it on. X-ray pictures that show the effects of using the Bunion Aid splint are shown here.

Correct Toes is an anatomically designed toe spacing product designed by a podiatrist to improve alignment, strength, and flexibility.  One pair of toe spacers come in each box.

Correct Toes has been clinically tested with impressive results for bunion realignment, hammertoes, plantar fasciitis, and other foot problems.

You can wear this bunion product barefoot, inside socks and/or wide shoes, or all night in bed.

Everyone is different so results naturally vary, but the evidence in favor of these two products for bunions is impressive.

Avoiding Bunion Surgery

Surgery for bunion removal  is the most common type of foot surgery  in the United States, with some statistics indicating that almost a million bunion surgeries are performed in the U.S. each year.  This procedure usually happens on an out-patient basis. Most insurance plans cover this operation.

Generally speaking,  in about six weeks a patient can expect to be completely recovered from bunion surgery.  If you have a sedentary desk job, you may be able to return to work after just a couple of weeks.

Bunionectomy Doctor performing bunion surgery

Doctor Performing Bunion Surgery

It must be said that studies indicate that most of these bunion surgeries are successful, and patients are glad they had the operation.

Even so,  everyone seems to have  heard of someone for whom things did not turn so well.  Only a short time is needed on the internet to find stories from people who wish they had never had the operation, as they spend twice as long as expected coping with foot pain and trying to get their feet to completely heal.

Indeed, depending on the type of surgery, and how well a person keeps down the swelling in the immediate post operative period, recovery from bunion surgery can take a lot longer than expected, even as much as six months or more.

Every surgery has risks, and bunion foot surgery is no different.  However, we are totally dependent on our feet for mobility.  If  surgery on our foot doesn’t turn out as expected, it can really be debilitating for different areas of our lives.

Many products exist in the personal care market for bunion pain relief, such as bunion pads, guards, toe separators and exercisers, and bunion regulators and splints.

All of these products play a role in bunion self care, with bunion splints of various designs being the most advanced non-invasive treatment.  The splint with the most positive reviews is the hinged splint by Bunion Aid discussed above, which is designed and made in Germany.

As for toe separators, the Correct Toes product discussed above is designed for advanced care of the muscles and ligaments in your toes and foot. This product was created by a podiatrist who is a sports specialist and who advocates for the importance of natural toe alignment.

However, the first thing any doctor will tell you is to make sure you wear shoes that don’t squish your toes.  Finding attractive shoes that support the natural alignment of your toes is not always easy, but it is important for the health of your foot.  For women especially, a change in mindset is necessary in order to adapt to more anatomically correct shoes.  Shoes with pointed toes are simply terrible for your feet, and should be worn rarely if at all.

Changing the type of shoes you wear is not only the first, but actually the most important thing you can do to avoid bunion surgery.  High quality bunion products that correct the alignment of your toes go hand in hand with changing your footwear.  Foot exercises for maintaining the circulation in your feet and their strength and flexibility are also important, and should be part of your daily routine if you are prone to foot problems of any kind.

Bunion correction without surgery is the goal for many people who suffer from bunions. Consult your doctor for professional guidance about all foot disorders, including bunions.

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